Jaipur Foot

Changing Lives One Limb at a Time

“Looking into the eyes of people at the organization and trying to imagine what they were going through was traumatic and yet very uplifting. I just knew that we had to do something to help.” VIBHOR’s Manish Dhadda is a committed and passionate supporter of Jaipur Foot, a charitable organization that has changed the lives of more than 1.4 million people in 27 countries by providing free artificial limbs to the neediest people.


Jaipur Management

BMVSS, which manages Jaipur Foot, depends entirely on donations and whatever government grants it can secure. The costs of the limbs, boarding and food are completely absorbed by Jaipur Foot.

65,000 Helped

More than 65,000 people are helped every single year through the organization and, while similar artificial limbs can cost as much as $10k in the US and in the United Kingdom, Jaipur Foot produces each limb for about $70, thoroughly maximizing every dollar donated.


MIT Research

Jaipur Foot has a working relationship with Stanford University and MIT for research and development. One such project resulted in the Stanford Knee, hailed as a major breakthrough in orthopedics.