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Our goal with Vibhor Blogs is to provide a resource to our retail partners for content that might be helpful to them in running their business day to day. This content will be a combination of works collected from various external sources and also written by members of our own team.

For instance, Peter Smith, the president of Vibhor, is also the author of a seminal book on hiring salespeople, Hiring Squirrels, 12-Essential Interview Questions To Uncover Great Retail Sales Talent. Peter is also a columnist for the Centurion Sales Newsletter and for National Jeweler, where he writes articles on sales, management and leadership and the customer experience. Links to these writings will appear under the appropriate headings.

We will also collect other writings from sources such as the Harvard Business Review, Gallup News and Entrepreneur etc., and we will recommend interesting books on topics of interest to retailers.
Enjoy the content and feel free to let us know of any particular topics that you would like to see more of as we all pursue our love of learning.

The Vibhor Team

Hiring Salespeople

Hiring Squirrels, 12-Essential Interview Questions To Uncover Great Retail Sales Talent, by Peter Smith. Available in Print and Kindle from Amazon


How To Hire And Develop Your Next Top Performer, Sweeney and Greenberg
Are You Listening by Peter Smith
Blog about the importance of really listening when interviewing sales people.
Why Hiring Salespeople Is So Hard, by Peter Smith
Blog about the challenges of hiring sales people
Seek Failure in Resumes by Peter Smith
Why failure is a good thing when reviewing resumes.

The Customer Experience
The Effortless Experience, by Dixon and Toman

effortless experience

Managing People
First, Break All The Rules (What the World’s Best Managers Do Differently) by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

First Break All The rules
So Your Top Salesperson Wants To Be The Manager by Peter Smith
The Key To Hiring Good Store Managers by Peter Smith

Good to Great by Jim Collins

good to great

What’s With The Lousy Compensation Plan by Peter Smith

Sales Floor Meanderings
When A Dude Visits A Jewelry Store, by Peter Smith
One Thing You Can Wear To Double Your Sales by Peter Smith
Permission To Buy by Peter Smith
Emotional Selling by Peter Smith
When Choice is Not A Good Thing by Peter Smith

Traffic Conversion
Conversion, The Last Great Retail Metric, Mark Ryski

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